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Touching story. Wonderful message and written well.
What a great illustration. I liked your touches of humor, too.
Great job! Your narrator did a great job of showing us the range of emotions whe went through on that occasion. Wonderful voice, realistic and with a well-done, conversational style.
Intriguing title! :) Wonderful message and good writing! Thank you for sharing this!
I loved this story, find an editor or challenge buddy - correct the tense shifts and minor errors and this will go far.
Very clever. I really enjoyed this well-written piece.
What a velvet hammer! Needed message in a beautiful package. The ouch wasn't so bad! Good job and thanks.
What a great lesson, meaningfully told! So convicting.
Good story but I did have to find out what a nosegay was first before I could really get into enjoying the story. Sorry if I'm showing my ignorance but I'd never heard that word before. Once I knew what it was I could get back into the story and read it through again, to enjoy it properly.

Great message.
I liked this a lot. That first paragraph was fun, real, and the whole piece flowed well.
A message creatively woven in here! I liked the MC and the dialouge at the end with 'throwing away' the 'ugly little flower'. You connected some very delicate truth and feeling in this peice. Great writing! ^_^
You might have posted just another beginners brick, but this isn't just a beginners story. Very nice job. God bless.
What an enjoyable read. Realistic, well written and had a great message that will stick with a person. Great job.
Ohhh, how you do like to write things that challenge me. I really enjoyed this and now I must go and find those ugly flowers of mine so I can throw them away.
Thanks for a new "word of the day" (and I'm glad I'm not the only one who didn't know what it was!)
And this was a wonderful story that packed a powerful message! God bless!
Congratulations! I agree, this could be edited for a variety of publications.
Really cute story, with such a great message. And I said a silent thank you to Grandma -- I knew what a nosegay was!
CONGRATULATIONS on a story that deserved to win, by a very talented writer! See you in Intermediate! :)