The Official Writing Challenge
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Excellent job! I felt the compulsion to write as I read. I loved the last line!
Well done. I thought that you described the writing process so well. When inspiration is presented, the pen flies across the paper and hours disappear! I remember the writer's block I had when I was in the shop trying out my first computer. I told my husband that I'd rather write with pen: the words were not keeping pace with my typing skills. I waited to type and just dribble came. I ended up typing a typing drill, "Now is the time for all good men to come to the aid of their party." YES! THE WORDS OF A BRILLIANT WRITER!!! Thanks for capturing the joys and frustrations of writing in one short piece!
This is a description that we all can relate to. Your words are inspired and eloquent. Nice work.
This is beautifully crafted with wonderful imagery and great clarity. I also loved your last line. I don't imagine you'll be in beginners very long!
Excellent piece of creativity. I like your illustrative choice, an identifiable association to the writer, the pen. Your words were eloquently written. I am inspired.
What a beautiful masterpiece!
Wonderful. You captured the anxiety, tension and the restlessness that comes when you know you need to write, but the words just aren't there, until...
Good job!!
Simply awesome! Two thumbs up from me!
Writing is an adventure and you beautifully captured the anxiety and uncertainty that accompany it.

Someone once marvelled at what I had written, “You wrote all this—how did you figure out all this and wrote it down?” I answered, “I didn’t have a chance of figuring it all out—I was only given what to start with.”

Writing is about starting. The direction and the content is the work of Him who inspires us. I truly identified with this piece. Brilliant! Thanks!