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This Week's Topic: Proverbs 1:8
Entries to Date This Week: 5
Entries close at 10:59 AM Thursday, New York time.

NEW FORMAT - With the quarter starting 04/06/23, we're focusing on Words of Wisdom where each week we will focus on a verse from Proverbs that we provide for you. As always, each entry can be in any genre and should follow all of the standard Challenge rules. Each entry needs to clearly show the lesson from each Proverb, but you do not have to actually include the verse in the entry. If you do include the verse in your entry, please be sure to note which translation you used. This is a great experiment for your creativity.

To give you a clearer picture of what we will be doing. Here is just an example, it will not be used in the quarterly challenge. Do not wear yourself out to get rich; be wise enough to restrain yourself. (Proverbs 23:4) If this were the actual topic for the week, you would be given just the reference of Proverbs 23:4. You would look it up in your own Bible and use your writing talent to show the Biblical lesson in your entry. This should be really challenging and hopefully a lot of fun! We truly hope our long-time members who love the Challenge and new members will all join us.

We will be testing this change and depending on the response, we may revert back to the single topic during the quarter. So, please pay attention to these messages. Fiction and non-fiction entries are both encouraged.

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