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       Amy Michelle Wiley


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I am a home school graduate and live in the Pacific Northwest.

I love fiction and believe it can reach people's hearts in a special way with the love and truth of God. I occasionally write a bit of poetry and non-fiction, as well. I've had the honor of having quite a number of short articles published.

In 2005 I founded an organization called Peculiar People. We write unique Christian fiction through group writing projects. My plan is to finish two to three projects a year.

God has also given me a heart for the Deaf and I am currently working towards gaining a sign language interpreter’s license.

My blog--Sparrow's Flight
My mom's gift basket company--Forget-Me-Not Gift Baskets

When Evening Comes of Age

Short Story
A Child's Shoe

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Voices In My Ear

  • Peculiar People's first project, Secrets of the Ice, was finished in the Spring of 2006. We hope to eventually convert this science fiction adventure into a screenplay.

  • Peculiar People's second project is a novel written by about twenty-five authors. The rough draft of Struggle Creek was finished in the Fall of 2006, and we hope to have it in bookstores by early 2007.

  • I have been accepted into an intense two year sign language interpretive program, and began training in the Fall of 2006. This is an exciting work and ministry opportunity.

 Amy Michelle Wiley  
 , Washington  Contact: [email protected]

biography · favorite links · articles · accomplishments · contact me


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