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A very creative piece! I loved it.
Creative, touching, and so real. Thank you.
Very well done :) A heatbreaking story with hope.
Beautifully written.
This is an excellent piece of writing, stirring up the compassion of the reader.
I love this piece for two reasons. First, of course, it is well written and thought provoking ... and a tear jerker. But second, I know that it is true - not this exact account but plenty like it. I wasn't at all surprised to read that you have relatives there - it was written like an 'insider' rather than someone just using a bit of imagination. My colleague lost her cousins-in-law and seeing things through her eyes makes it seem so real too ... which it is. Well done for touching many.
We spend our lives in an atmosphere that allows us to feel so big, but when something like this hits home, the world becomes so big and we become sooooo small. It's an overwhelming experience to feel so intense yet so small. You voiced it with talent because its so real to you. Even this shall pass, He says.
Draw nigh unto me and I will draw nigh unto you.
God Bless your heart with peace.
Beautifully written. A provocative piece. What a dreadful to happen and what mighty things God is doing as a consequence.
Very sad but with a glimmer of hope remaining.
I am so glad someone was able to embrace this subject with such tenderness and balance. Excellent job!
An excellent story. I love the hope in the end. I'd like to see some assurance that children are never condemned, but I know you're dealing with a limited number of words. Very well done.
Amen. They are in my thoughts and prayers. God will make a way where there is no way. Beautiful, touching article. I'm sure although fictional, it a truth that is felt in many hearts. Thank you for adding our hearts with theirs. God bless, littlelight
Very touching and involving. A heart-rending work.
I loved this piece. I thought it touched on that tragedy with sensitivity & realism. The only (tiny) thing I might change is the first sentence. Instead of "the woman's toes," I would say "Shantha's toes," to immediately connect her to your reader. Other than that small detail, I absolutely loved it!
Blessings, Lynda
very touching. very true to life. nice work!
An awesome story full of heartbreak, yet full of hope. Thank you sharing your amazing talent!
Congratulations on your first place entry! This was an exceptional story, beautifully and heartbreakingly written. Thanks for reminding us to pray.
Great job! A wonderful and creative piece of work!
Amy, congratulations on your 1st place win in both the Editors' Choice and the Level 3 awards. This was a sensitive, beautifully written piece and deserved to be the winner. With love, Deb (Challenge Coordinator)
Congratulations Amy!! Your challenge article deserved recognition from your peers. I was very touched by its contents.....a real emotional tear-shedding, beautiful, well-written story. Very well done girl!! God bless love always from JOHN 3-34 Evangelist Daniele Luciano Moskal xxx
Very creative and touching.
Very touching story Amy, and a good job bringing the characters to life.
This was a heart tugging story. It was filled with compassion and truth.