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A lovely sensitive piece looking beyond what we see into a greater reality. Beautiful.
Wow--what a soothing picture you have painted for anyone who is caring for a loved one with this disease. Absolutely beautifully done. A winner for sure.
Beautifully done. I wonder if you are a care-giver. I am quite familiar with the struggles of those suffering from dementia. I enjoyed reading your poem, I hope you do well in the Challenge.
Not only masterful writing, but a hopeful message to hug as loved ones cross slowly into another realm.
I pray this will be an encouragement to those who struggle with losing their loved ones, even while those loved ones are still alive. We experienced this with my husband's mother several years ago and this would have been an encouragement to my husband during those difficult days. Thank you for your beautifully comforting poem. Well done.
Beautifully expressed. This is very moving as it deals with this difficult time for all concerned. Lovely writing.
"Beyond my tangle
His still voice is heard."
Those lines in this tender poem, written by a writer with a lovely, understanding heart, fill my own heart with inspiration.
Poignant, evocative and sensitively written with love from a caring heart.

I knew a church elder whose dementia steadily reduced him to requiring 24hour care in hospital. He no longer recognised his loved ones yet could burst into song with hymns and psalms, praising God. His face almost glowed. He was an inspiration to me as a young nurse as I'm sure your tender, heartfelt poem will be to many.

Simply beautiful!
Thank you for writing this. I am an only child, caregiving my mother whose, tent pegs are loosening fast," and this made me feel better. Best of luck in the Challenge!
I should have said more. "By what seems lost. By all you believe has passed.
I feel your gentle hand
In mine entwine... On my misted eye That may seem vacant...I see instead the smiling face of One, Who'll walk with me Until this path is done. Look not in sadness On my misted eye -I see a brighter land Beyond the sky. Hear not the sadness Of my faltering lip, Where words familiar Tumble, slide and slip. Though conversation Meanders through a maze Just listen kindly To each muddled phrase. I may not form the words I'd like to say But I can still hear Him And I can pray...My child, don't weep...And I know where I belong." What an absolutely beautiful and truthful piece! I have printed it out.

God bless~
God bless~
Congratulations! I love the tent-pegs description. I was especially interested in the rhyming words that were surprising such as captivity/ see. Nice work.
Congratulations Margaret. I am delighted to see your brilliant 'unspoken message' at the top of the tree where it rightly belongs. This is a truly inspired poem that will stay with me for a long time.
A thoroughly deserved win. It is beautiful, sensitive skillful writing.
Wonderful, Margaret, and so deserving of your 1st place. God bless.
A touching and beautifully written poem that touches the soul. This uplifting entry can be a comfort to those who care for their loved ones. Jesus sees what we can not and walks with us in every situation.
Congratulations, Margaret, on your well deserved win. This is a lovely, moving poem.
Congratulations on an incredibly sensitive and moving poem. A very wwell deserved first place.
Your words from the heart as one who has walked this path with another are inspiring, comforting, poignant, and completely emotion-filled. Many congrats on top honors with this exquisite poem, Margaret.