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In defence of testosterone - real or potential - I find it hard to imagine any boy behaving like this. But you have led us through a downward slide of warm misadventure. And your last line drove it home beautifully.
I can easily imagine it - all through this piece I was thinking about my younger son and how this would be exactly the sort of thing he could get up to. Thank you for sharing.
Oh man...I was laughing so hard all the way through. "A page from her notebook becomes a map (if you don’t look at the numbers on the back.)" just about put me on the floor.
I think I will be reading this a few more times. I will be learning from you very well done.
I really enjoyed this story which was enhanced by the style in which you wrote, in the present tense, no names used. Great writing!
This was so good! I am certain so many will relate to this story, children or otherwise.

Wonderful job of keeping my attention throughout the entire piece, and superb writing.


God bless~
What a fun piece! I grew up on a farm and this kind of adventure could easily happen. Thanks for the fun spirited story of childhood adventures lived well.