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Great entry, I enjoyed it.

I especially liked the bit about almost pleading the 5th and opting not to because the subtlety would be missed ... mostly because it took me a second to catch it myself. That was great.

Thanks for sharing this with us.
Great story! Great message! I have heard people wish, so many times, they would get a miracle like so and so, or wish they had the anointing like so and so and I have asked many times if they would be willing to live the lives those people live to get those things. That always seems to change things; they always seem to forget some sacrifice might come into it. Like the old saying: Be careful what you wish for. Well done!
Great messages packed into this well written piece. I loved the whole interaction between the two friends and the reality of bringing his friend to the eventual epiphany!

Nicely done. God bless~
Nice job with this.

I THINK you may have a couple of misplaced semicolons here, but I am certainly not an expert on semicolon use.... unless it's using it in a winking smiley. ;)

Some great reminders here that our story doesn't have to be dramatic to touch others.
A meal, a moment of friendship, and a message. If each of us recognize the opportunities God sends our way, as your MC did, blessings will occur. Your timely reminder points the way.
Thanks for this inspirational message. I am guilty of wanting to see a miracle, but by His grace, I have seen many since my eyes have been opened. Great writing, my friend.
Lots of sage advise for Cal and for us!
Yup most days I wish I could just stay out of the way of God's will and let Him work through me.
There are angels among us. This is engrossing and I want more!
I think this is a great message woven into an interesting story, but... I must be the only one who's dumb around here. 'Pleading the fifth?' I confess that Steve's subtlety is lost on me also. Is it an Aussie thing?