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This brought tears to my eyes. Beautiful story of love and faithfulness. Thanks for sharing.
This was looking like a regular wedding story, but you pinned my ears back with the powerful way you zeroed in on the promise beneath the one I was expecting. Great writing which should rate well.
The title was a good fit to the tenderly told story. The conclusion was unexpected and carried punch. Well done.
Oh, this has me tingling all over and with a tear in my eye. What a lovely wedding that would have been to be at. This is just grand. I think it might have hit a bulls eye somewhere. God Bless.
Powerful and touching in so many many ways. Thank you.
This will do well with the judges for sure.

God bless~
Exquisite selflessness. I love this.
Oh, this is so lovely. All the details of the wedding guests and the bridal party, but the way in which you ended it was superb. This one is definitely a winner!
What a powerful story on love and friendship. The title is a perfect fit to the story.
God bless.
I love just about all wedding stories, but alas this wasn't just any wedding story. I too was surprised by what was in store. What a poignant, wonderful moment when Mindy comes to join timid April at the piano to dash all her fears away, and to let her know they will "finish the course together." Priceless -- she cared more about her friends feelings than how things would look to others. This was a great story. Also, to have the part about April deploying to Iraq, there are so many times when we assume why something is the way it is and we couldn't be more wrong. I am wondering if this is purely fictional? Thank you for sharing and God's blessings.
You set the scene so beautifully for this touching, heart-warming story! The wedding was even made more lovely by the deep friendship demonstrated between the two young women. There is an excellent message for us all in here about not judging and about loving unconditionally! Great job! :)
oh gee...crocodile tears are attempting to spill over at your lovely poignant story. Fabulously endearing!
I'm not surprised at all to find that your exquisitely lovely story ranked so high this week!! HEARTY CONGRATULATIONS!! :D It is truly a gem! WAY TO WRITE!! :)
Congratulations Leola. I knew this one was a winner.
Beautiful, well-written story. Congratulations on your EC and level awards.
Congratulations, This is a wonderful story and such a deserved win! A piece that truly shows the "first shall be last and the last shall be first." Enjoy your EC and level wins! Blessings...
Beautiful writing. Congratulations on your well-deserved placement!
Congrats Leola! I felt this would be amongst the winners, and so it is!
So happy for you and your EC too...God bless~
Congratulations Leola!
Wow, this is just amazing and my eyes are brimming! What a wonderful story, beautifully told with a message that is worth savouring and remembering. Thank you for such a wonderful entry and many congratulations on your EC.
Congratulations Leola on your 3rd EC place. It is well-deserved for this lovely, moving story.
An interesting piece! You derved being placed by the Editors.
An interesting piece! You deserved being placed third by the editors.