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I was totally into this. Great stuff!
This was outstanding. I love different, creative, and out of the box ideas. I enjoy a world that opens one piece at a time. This was great!
When I saw the title, I HAD to find out if this was about THE Roush, and YES IT WAS!!! I was happy to see Gabil return to his usual self; I didn't like the sad Gabil. ;) I was SO glad to return to the colored forest, even if it was just a glimpse of it. Nice bit of fan-fic, but it didn't tell us anything new (unless the reader has no idea what you are writing about. lol) I'd have liked to have seen a new adventure.
I thought I had already commented...but maybe I dreamed it.
Captured my attention.
The first part of this mirrored the frustration I sometimes have trying to come up with ideas for the challenge.

I enjoyed the fantasy element to this, although I'm not sure I understood it well. It is well-written and enjoyable, though. Thanks for sharing.
When I was in the army in Germany's Black Forest my friend killed a snake - fits in nicely with your story. If there are German writers in here - I'm sorry we killed your snake.

Unusual piece - but interesting.

Before I read this,I looked up "roush" in the dictionary!
It wasn't until I read the comments that I realized this must be part of a series! Sounds like a neat fantasy. Also, I related with the guy trying to come up with a story. Nice read, once a person knows what it's about!
Awake thou that sleepest and Christ shall give thee light! :)

Great stuff. :) Love it!Thanks for sharing.