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Loved your story and God's hand in it too.
Oh my, what richness of emotion is here! I screeched to a halt just as your characters did, with the words "Why did you die..." It turned this story from a minor family squabble into something much deeper. You got the voices of both daughters just right. I loved this.
Neat idea. It took me awhile to figure out they had uncovered a mural. Maybe it would be more realistic for the girl to see a barbie arm or leg than to shout, "My barbies." Then again, maybe it's just me :-o. Your characters are very realistic and I love your God writing on the wall theme. Well done!
Charming story. I also got lost for a bit when they found the mural and mentioned Dave for the first time, but I figured it out. Love the little one blaming God, tee hee! I loved this, well done. I think I might know the author, too.
Wonderful dialogue - and I love how you pieced all the parts of this story together, revealing bit by bit. Love the "God did it " thing, and how you tied it in throughout. Great stuff!
Oh, how I loved this. The story line is so good. The dialogue superb. Helen, you are tops! God bless. Thank God for "page four" of hinting.
This is one of my top favs I've read this week. I'm so glad I saw it in the hinting. I loved every little touch you gave it and all characters were so well developed for such a short piece! I will want to read more of your writing from now on. I don't come to masters often, so haven't had the pleasure of reading your writing!Now I've got a taste for more!
I love a story with a great ending. Yours was tops.
this story was wonderful and filled with such a richness of emotions. I loved the language too and the unexpected twist! Great job!

Great use of dialogue---heartwarming story of a mother & her kids. I really enjoyed this!
This piece has heart! I love the entire concept,the message and the dialogue.
Well concieved, and sincere. I enjoyed it.