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Very fun!
This was hilarious! You had me laughing all the way though, very enjoyable reading!
Such a delightful story with so many cute touches throughout:
The odor of rotten eggs.
The lookhighly effective with 5th graders.
His kind and ever-so-green eyes."
The ending was ever-so-sweet. Loved it!
Yeah, this makes my favorites list - I laughed to the end. Wonderfully written - I was picturing the whole event as I read - beautiful job.
This was great. I can just see the chain reaction. I wonder what ever happened to that poor mouse?
What fun! This is simply a delightful little romp - and SO perfectly typical (in an atypical kind of way!)for a first year teacher and a classful of fifth graders! Great last line too - and I love the little relationship between the teacher and the paramedic! Fine job, Jan!
You are soooo good at this Jan! I love your nongushy romances! This is so good! I love it!

It sounds like something that would happen to me. (minus the green-eyed hunk) ;)

Kudos to ya!

When I read this one the first time I had a feeling it was yours. As usual you have done an outstanding job!
I'm still laughing! What a great story, with all the essential elements...humor, drama and romance.
Excellent! I loved the deft touch - and a romance! I love a romance. A winner, I'm sure.
You're so creative, Jan! This piece displays your writing talent / humor perfectly. Very entertaining, well-crafted and just plain fun! Wonderful!
Too funny, very visual, loved the romantic twist at the end. yeggy
This is hilarious & sooo creative, Jan (as usual). I'm betting it's a winner!
Wonderful narrative - it provoked lots of clear images and a titter or two.
Okay, I'll join the throngs of fans here and say that this amusing little romantic piece had it all! You ARE a master! It was delightful and inspiring to me. I once wrote a romantic comedy novel and enjoyed writing it as well as reading it. You remind me that I should try my hand at it again. Your piece was fresh and new. Thanks for stepping out of the mold and stretching the boundaries a bit. Fantastic and a winner for sure!
Excellent, as usual, Jan. I loved the last line.
Magninficent! That about covers it..... :-)

Oh...just well, goodnesss. This is a masterpiece.
Absolutely delightful! I also literally laughed aloud as I read. And the ending is just perfect.
Wonderful story, Jan! Your words describe the scene so well...the pandemonium and the sweetness.
I loved this story! Is there a romance in store for the teacher? You are going to continue the story, right? This is reality at its best. Well done!
And now I am smirking, too.