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El Neato! Bravo! Great humor, and a very entertaining read! Loved the title, Reilly's dialogue with himself, and the creativity! Super job!
Lovely humorous story which sums up the way cats think. Shame he was stripped not striped though! Perhaps the folding mechanism of the sofabed was to blame?

Geraldine Witcher
Poor Reilly! This is a fun read, written well also. Very enjoyable for everyone but the cat! Good job!
I am not a cat fan in the least but this was very cute and funny. Good job.
Awesome. This is the second cat story I've read today, and both cover perfectly the attitudes of Cats - especially when dealing with unteachable humans.

Thanks, and God bless,

Good concept. Needs more work. Needed to know it was a cat sooner. I was a little confused. And what is a "Catchalls?"

Very clever! Love the dialogue and I was afraid he was going to ... you know... get squished! It was really fun to read - had me anticipating!
This reminded me of the cat we had when I was little. She was an out door cat, but when she had kittens, she brought them inside and hid them under my dad's recliner. Every once in a while someone would sit down and hear little meows! You did a good job with describing the cats thoughts. I did catch one typo though. "The sure looks like Reillys tail" Should be "'That' sure looks..." But still really cute.
I knew within the first few syllables that this was a cat and it is joyfully written. Great job -- does need a little tweaking to refine it, but its a wonderful concept and I enjoyed it immensely! Cat-lovingly, dlms
The title was perfect, and the story was really well written! I'm glad he didn't die. Excellent!
I don't ususally haunt the advanced level since I am only a beginner, but this was such a fun read.
ROFL!!!!!!!! This was great. Poor kitty - but one of ours would have left a calling card that would have been noticed LOL
Lol... not a cat person, but any chance to squish a cat in a sofa bed is ok by me! ;-) Nicely done.
hehheh. Bet I know who wrote this one without looking at the hints thread.

Love this story, excellent writing.

Reminded me of when I tried to fold my rotten little sister up in our fold-out couch.

Glad the kitty was ok!
Hilarious! Reilly was actually pretty darn decent - pretty forgiving, if you ask me. (Exemplary?!?)

Fun to read from his perspective, which was sort of intellectually "above" the whole thing. :-)