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Very nice - looks like you know your rocks and your writing. Good application.
Lovely story. I really liked the analogy between the mother and the rock, the inner, hidden sparkle. A good variation on the "you can't tell a book by its cover" theme.
wonderful story. It not only shows that beauty is below the surface, it also shows that sometimes we must be broken in order for us to see our real beauty.
This was awesome! Wonderfully made point without preaching.
Very sweet! I liked this a lot.
I really liked the way you wrote this story. I could picture each scene clearly, almost felt like I was there myself.

Good job!
'The rock had been split down the middle, and fell into two pieces...' I think this is also part of the message. A beautiful story well told.
This really is sweet. A good lesson and a great slice of life. The characters are done well and made it all believable.
Very cool lesson/comparison! I've always loved looking at those kinds of rocks, and I won't look at them the same after this :)
Oh Beth, this is great. Interesting timing for me to read this - reminded me of a verse I heard this morning, "Is not my word like a fire? says the Lord; and like a hammer that breaks the rocks in pieces?" Jer. 23:29. God breaks us only to make us beautiful. Wonderful story.
I enjoyed this piece. I appreciate the way your words paint pictures without overdoing the description. It's just right. As usual, great message.