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A seductive real life situation shown here in this creative entry. Very practical warning! Well done!!
Very unique, compelling and powerful. Well done.
Very good job at depicting the self deception that is involved with this kind of mistake. I enjoyed your format and liked how she blamed the guy in the end. Very realistic.
I loved this entry! Very powerful. Realistic emotions and thoughts - isn't that just how the devil works. He deceives us into actually justifying our actions and truly believing that it won't hurt. Wonderful work. Creative and clever take on "Control."
What a clever idea, to write this story as a stream-of-consciousness poem. Powerfully done.
Wow! Great entry! Seeing it all put together so succinctly really emphasizes your point. And it's a vital message to anyone who's starting to think along those lines.
Very good. Very realistic on how people justify such little things.
Yikes, you did that so well I was right inside her head! A hard hitting, effective look at how easy it is to deceive ourselves and then, when every thing falls down around our ears, blame somebody else. Yeggy
Wow, well done, Sally! Like a river, these thoughts flow along....leading to.....trouble! Well executed and totally believable.