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This is a touching story.. loss and renewal. Good lesson, told well. I think the pacing was a little off, however. Didn't really get a chance to know the character as much as I'd like. However, the message still comes through and addresses a very serious topic. Thanks for writing it! :-)
Truth couched in a sad but hopeful story.
Good story...have been in both types of churches and could understand her fears. I wasn't sure of the word 'plopped' to describe when she sat down as that is usually to me more carefree. just a thoughth!:)
A well-written story filled with grace. Well done!
I liked this story. Couple of things I thought while I was reading: Seems like Peter would be more angry for his wife's cheating even if they are in the process of healing but he was always smiling (except for that one part in the beginning). I liked the way God was there in both churches even if it was different styles. Good line: ...just family she didn't know very well!