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Imma Toadsnot?! Hilarious! I love the way you portray the relationship of the two MCs. It was great fun seeing the way they worked in their respective comfort zones, yet were still able to give respect to the other. If only we could all do that in the church; and we all know it's just like God to appoint opposites to work together in the church, too! It can be so very difficult, but if we would accept one another's strengths and weaknesses, how powerful God's church would be! Well done!
A very cute and entertaining story. I could envision a detective novel (or series)with these two.

In the very beginning you mention that they are different in their use of technology and their dietary habits. Then, a few paragraphs later, you mention it again, almost worded the same way. It felt a little repetitive.

I too like that they agreed on the Word and the Lord's power to guide them and keep them safe. I found myself wanting to know how the story turns out.

Very well written.
Beautifully written, and beautiful message. I really enjoyed this. Great job!
God Bless~
This is one of my favorite - took me right there and I felt like I was watching an old detective movie, except obviously no iPhones back then. Great job! Delightful read! Yours and Imma Toadsnot - too funny! God bless!
Good characterization, though I think that the two MC's differences couldv'e been shown a little more than told. Now if the techie MC had only pulled out his Bible on a Kindle...
Hehehe I love this.

I think the MCs doughnut miraculously appeared again.... At one point you said he "wished it would be returned," which to me indicates it's gone. But then a few paragraphs later, he's eating half a doughnut.

Funny you mentioned the black and white spy movie, because I totally read it in my head like that... With the famous spy voice and all. Nice job.
A very amusing detective story. I could see this expanded to show how their different techniques (old school versus techno) might work together to solve a case. I could envision the original "odd couple," Walter Matthau and Jack Lemmon, or even Jack Klugman and Tony Randall, in the screen version of your story. (But I believe all four of those actors are deceased now.) It's difficult to fully develop two characters in 750 words if both are MCs. You did pretty good with that. I would have liked to see the murder solved but I know word limitations prevented that. All in all, this was funny and held my interest to the end.
To me this story is Publish-ready--masterfully written.
This is excellent writing. It left me wanting to read the rest of the story. It's really funny too, the names and all. I loved the ending. Keep up the good work.
Well done and congrats on the 2nd place finish!
Congratulations on your ribbon! Nice job - and well deserved. God Bless~