The Official Writing Challenge
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Wow. You nailed it, even Ellen's ga ga character. You have my vote for the most original. Well done!
Excellent! I love the creativity in this one!
You got the voices of the judges absolutely, perfectly right!

I was a teensy bit disappointed at the 'only a dream' ending.

This gave me a huge grin, as an AI fan...great fun to read.
This may be the BEST challenge entry of all time for me! Excellently original, entertaining, well written and humorous!!!!!
This was very cute and well done. While I don't watch IA, I know the gist of it and the famous personalities and I think you nailed them. I felt Katie's frustration right along with her. Great!
I've not seen American Idol, but I am aware of Simon from Britain's Got Talent. You had his voice down so beautifully, I could hear him speaking. I actually wouldn't call that a dream, it would be a nightmare for me lol. Well done, love it.
This was dope, man. (according to Randy, that's a good thing!) Love AI, loved this! Very creative, very entertaining, very engaging - better than the singing contest. Let America vote!
Wow, you did it this time, Brenda! What creativity! You absolutely nailed the judges! Congratulations on your well deserved win!
Wow, what total creativity. I loved it all. So much fun to read. A great job here and well worth the reward.