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That period of time in John's life is fascinating. I really like your thoughts and how you fleshed out his story, and especially how you mention that what was basically meant for "evil, God allowed for good." Thank you!
I enjoy stream-of-consciousness pieces, and this one really sheds light on what John must have been feeling.

A few early paragraphs were perhaps a bit heavy on the metaphors, making this dangerously close to purple prose territory.

On the other hand, there's lots of great "showing, not telling" here--very well done.

wonderful! You took me to Patmos. I felt as though I were just a few feet away from John observing His every move and thinking His thoughts.
I especially liked these two lines. "His fire like a hot tongue pressed against my spine."... "A living Word, no flickering candle in the wind." Beautiful and so expressive!
Thank you for this great piece.
Absolutely beautiful. I could feel myself sitting and seeing John transported to heaven. This is what I call writing. God bless.