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Very touching and well-told story. You took your MC through the gamut of emotions and me along for the ride. Good job.
A great title, well written to the topic, and a fun read. You have a winner, I think.
Gret story. It reminds me of a few stories pregnant women told my wife who ran Birth Choice of the Desert in California. After talking to my wife, there was only one woman I can remember that elected to have an abortion. Also I was 50 when we decided to adopt one of the babies at birth. She just turned 18 and there has never been a day we regreted the decision to adopt. However, there have been days...
Loved the title, Loved the story...maybe because it mirrored my life somewhat. I also had my last at 42, with older kids 16 & 14. He will keep you laughing! Thanks for sharing a well-written story.
I really enjoyed reading this engaging story. Who knows what special plans God has for this child? No accident, for sure.
I love the relationship between the two sisters--masterfully portrayed.
I love the character, Roberta's enthusiasm! It was painted loud and clear.
I loved your title and your story --all the way through.
The dialogue between the sisters is wonderful. I particularly loved the line, Roberta stuck her hand out. Hello. I'm your sister, Roberta. Have we met? It's ten-thirty in the morning, of course it isn't decaf! This story flows from beginning to end as smoothly as hot chocolate fudge over ice cream.

Fiction or not, this situation often happens. My mother was 42 when I was born. And my dad? Well, he was 63.