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This made me laugh, because My Mom seems to do the same thing. I can very much relate to the broom and dustpan routine. Thanks for sharing this piece! There's a good message tucked in here.
Very cute. Relateable piece. Thank God that He loves us no matter how many things or even lives we have contributed to breaking or chipping. He offers us hope in Him, mercy and forgivness. I too have broken my share of glass, that's one reason I invested in Corelle years ago, grin, but there's still several chipped dinnerware that probably tremble at the thought of my hands reaching for them. They are the lasdt of the bunch I must add.:0)) Well done. Enjoyable piece.
Thanks for your could-be embaressing honesty. And a good conclusion regarding how all our imperfections will disappear when we finally meet Him face-to-face.
Due to my wife's advanced arthritic conditions, she has very limited use of her hands and I find myself picking up many things, including broken glasses, etc. However, it is always a reminder to me how God picked up the pieces of my broken life years ago and let me marry this wonderful woman. Thanks for reminding me of this.
"and porcelain has to count its days." I loved that line, along with the inexorable path of destruction you've outlined: memory of a movie; plans for leftovers and curiosity about a one-year old's whereabouts; all contributing to another dish's downfall.
Is this a confession that multi-skilling may not be a purely female preserve - or would that be adding too much "gravity" to the issue?
Good fun stuff!
Great story. You're a talented writer.
Beautiful reminder that things will never be perfect for us here. Thanks for sharing this great read!
A humorous devotional! Who'da thunkit? I was delighted to read this well-written story.
Interesting tale, not sure if I agree totally with the ending. A lot of good one-liner descriptions though, keep writing.
Thoroughly enjoyable tale that I can relate to as well! And God knows us so well and loves us in spite of our "weaknesses". After all, we are just "jars of clay" and His strength is made perfect in our weakness. Each time that happens, it should be a reminder of that, right?