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Your "grandfather Henry Higgins" LOL! :) and the "all who wish to be taken seriously as pirates!" was great! There is nothing more entertaining than listening to an "accent imitator." :) This is amazing in it's scope and so cleverly entertaining as you transported your reader into the world of Henry and Walter Higgins! Well done! Wow!
So original...where'd you learn to write in accents?
Although a school english teacher might give plenty red marks for spelling, I give you only high marks!
I could Doolittle else!
A delightful read - or should that be listen? I'm impressed by your phonetic creativity, something that I simply cannot emulate. (You should hear me butcher the Portuguese language at times!)
I'm afraid that I couldn't work out the relevance of the footnote. I know of the two comedians you mention although not their particular radio show. But I failed to make the connection with what was otherwise an amusing and wonderful piece of writing.
Enjoyed this Noel!

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