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Oh, this is good! You really had to use your imagination to come up with it - that's what I find a real,but satisfying, challenge.

Good writing. I enjoyed this. Loved your descriptions and your "significant other".
This was so cute! I love dog stories, and this one had so much more to offer. The only suggestion I would make would be to check some of your sentences for unnecessary words. Some of them seemed as if they could have slimmed down, giving you more room to work with the story. Great imagination and excellent characters!
I enjoyed this so much! I loved how he decided to talk to her about faith, then other "Isaac-Rebecca" stuff. Way to keep his priorities straight!
As a dog-lover, you had me from the start. Loved the story and I found that you really set the scene well and you have a way of drawing the reader in. That is natural talent. Good job.
I also was enthralled with the "tiny creamy-butter colored ball of fluff"
As a beginning writer, I felt that this was a good flow of reading, and marveled at the fairy tale ending.
Awww, I'm a sucker for a sweet romance, and this is VERY sweet! Well done!
I enjoyed the dialogue and descriptions! "Another Isaac-Rebecca" going on in his mind! Wow! I loved this prayerful man, and the honest Rebecca. Very sweet love story! Well done!
A dog story with a romance - or a romance with a dog story; either way, I liked this story very much.
Oh, I love this! And congratulations on your EC. Excellent writing.
Very cute. An enjoyable read. COngrats on your EC.
This could be a really fun idea for a romance fiction book! Developing his depression - buttercup's healing ministry, character's singleness - go for it!!!
I liked this story. I liked the flow of the characters. I really enjoyed the thought of the puppy making herself at home.
Very well done.