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Because yur article was short I felt I was the woman being pulled up --just a quick comment, but friendly and vaguely familiar(like the co-worker who spoke for the first time.)A analogy for my thoughts on purple.Hmmm I can get several layers of meaning out of your writing.
Donny's purple socks came to mind when I saw the challenge word. I enjoyed the little color meaning lesson.
Thank you for this valuable lesson. I will share this with my daughter; she has a history of migraine.
I liked your article. It had a lot of good solid information; however, it seemed short to me.
This started good, I was with you all the way until the abrupt end. By the way I was a migrane sufferer but after changing my bedroom to all things purple and lavendar, I only get a migrane maybe once or twice a year. I think more research would have given you even more insight about the color purple, which you could have put into this article also.