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I have my own black kitty that i rescued from a life of poverty and cold so of course the ending tickled me.
There are some great hidden messages in your parable like story once the true identity of your MC is revealed.
Well written!
Awwwww, I love kitty stories!
I like the way you entrance the reader... I love the "not knowing" at the beginning of the story and then the "hook".

Very well written.
Another great story with a surprise turn.
Is anyone going to comment about the name Jeb in the title and in the story the cat's name is Jed? Oh well I guess I state the obvious.
Ha! Yeah I noticed that after I already pushed send. The reason I wrote this story was I read somewhere that black cats are only half as likely to be adopted as cats of other colors. Isn't that crazy? Apparently it is true for dogs as well. Thanks for all the great feedback everyone!