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I had to smile at "He gets constant updates from Corporate." (very cleveras is your whole modern-day Biblical fishing story). I like your message, "get connected." :)
A catchy title that did not disappoint. I love your sheer creativity - very well done.
I love this. Creative comparison of how we reach the father. Well done.
So glad I'm connected to corporate. This was such an easy read, knew where it was going and wanted to go along. Lovely.
You did a great job with this retelling--such vivid pictures and wonderful message. I enjoyed it very much.
Wow, this was a blast. What a great retelling with lots of modern twists. Great job!
Good retelling of the "original" story. Enjoyed it.
Loved Cap'n Pete. Great job on telling this familiar story. Creative and captivating.
I liked the modern twist on a well-loved and known Bible story. Gotta love the "corporate" connections as well. This was fun to read. Well done!
Great story-I too love to see how Bible stories ring true in these days. Thanx.
A very funny read! I loved it and the way you presented it! Kudos, big time!
Hey, Captain (of little guys)! What a terrific take here! I could really see the scene--the boat, the rough men, the captain writing in his log...good descriptions! Very well done.
Oh, this is GOOD! I loved this modern take, what a way to really let this hit home. Great stuff, I loved the dialog and the way you made these characters literally leap to life. ^_^ LOL!
I really enjoyed the voice you used here--the whole ambiance of the story and the dialog. Loved the modern take and loved the read. Well done Bryan.