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This story is so heart-warming and very creative for the topic. It flowed smoothly and was well-written and engaging.

The message was the best part of all:
Some gave all. All gave some.

Wouldn't that fix a whole lot of economic problems in our world today? Well done!

What a creative approach to the topic! Wonderful messages throughout and well told. Blessings...
Creative take on the topic, and a well-written, heartwarming miracle story. It was great up to the very ending - it seemed a little rushed and "pat". I especially liked the character of Father John. And who was that mysterious homeless man??
Very intriguing! This was creative. I don't know how you managed it all in 750 words.
Creative and unique approach. Good job!
Unique approach to the topic. I, too, wonder who the homeless man was.

Nicely done.
Very creative. I too liked the statement "Some gave all, all gave some."
A wonderful take on the topic.
Such a creative take on the subject! Loved it and the way you presented it - how can you ever go wrong with mystery, intrigue and miracles. And, of course, the message is so, so relevant in today's economical environment!
Wonderful story about the Lord working in mysterious ways. Well written, you had me from the first word. Great job!
WOW Tim, this is awesome! I love stories that give me goosebumps. Such a creative take on the topic. Fantastic job!
This story really moved me. It's not just that it is unique and well-written, but the message of family unity is such a significant one. A very special story.
Wonderful entry. 750 words was the real challenge... the message carried itself. I would love to see a longer version of this one where you can develop your characters more. The beggar? My own creative juices has me convinced that he was a billionaire determined to prove that churches were fake humanitarians, only out for money. To prove it, he dressed as a homeless man and approached the church for a handout. Father John not only gave him food, but offered him a job at the church as janitor. After a week of working there, the Billionaire left... never to be seen again. But he had gleaned valuable insight about others in the church that needed help but wouldn't ask.

Thus, your story comes.

Am I right? Huh? Huh? Am I right?