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This is awesome! Oh man, are you going to be popular this week, male or female... Incredibly creative take on the topic, and I love your voice in the piece. Well done!
i was laughing out loud while i read this! hilarous! yes the 'voice' was just great!
Oh boy--I'm going to print this out and tape it to my hubby's mirror...hope he'll get the hint. (: You are, indeed, a hero and a REAL MAN!
Just LOVE the voice- and yes, I laughed all the way through. Clever!
So very funny! Great job! And I am really hungry for this turkey, by the way. Spray with apple juice? That sounds divine! Tell us when it's done and we'll all be right over!
This is SO funny. I needed a good laugh today--thanks. This was my favorite line: "Take that, you mangy cat!" I just pictured the poor cat running from the remote controlled tank. Great job with the topic.
This is hilarious! I enjoyed reading it.
Funny, funny, funny! Did I mention this was funny? AND the amazing thing is, with all the hilarity going on, you didn't sacrifice your grammar, punctuation, first person voice, etc. You get an A+ for a well-written, complete package that was delivered in laughter. Did I mention this was funny?
I loved's so funny! You had me laughing about the remote control tank and the marshmallows. Great job!
Love your sense of humor. I hope husbands cooking Christmas dinner catches on, and, as a cat lover, I'm glad you added the footnote!
Ha! Love the differentiation between "real" flames and gas! :) What fun! I'm off to get some "exploding can" rolls for dinner. :)
Hahahahahahahahahahaha! Did I tell you I laughed? Couldn't stop! REAL men cooking instructions. I was thinking Tim Taylor, MORE POWER! Especially with the RC Tank.
I loved,also, your frequent breaks to speak directly to those other REAL men.
This is great! I laughed throughout this piece. Kudos! That turkey sounds delish! :)
Humorous, entertaining, AND informational. I want to try bbqed turkey now!
This is delightful! I loved every word and will read it to my hubby.
Priceless. Reads like a column in a guy magazine. Excellent work.
Oh man! LOL! This was hilarious! My absolute favorite so far this week! There were so many side-splitting liens, but here was one of my favorites:

"Yeah, I know it looks real cool to nuke a saucepan in the microwave, but guys, its Christmas. Be serious for a moment, okay"

HAHAHA! Great stuff! I sense a winner with this one. I think it would be an injustice for it not to win. This story has everything you could want in a 750 word piece. :)
Love don't live near us, do you?
LOL This totally sounds like my dad....and he totally loved making "Experiments In The Microwave" (which we appropriately named EIT'Ms - pronounced "eat'ms"). Nice work - very creative!
Yes! I am chuckling still - we have 16 paws in our house and every year I have to talk my hubby out of buying a radio controlled car to chase them... nice piece!
I'm still laughing! This is great!
Responsible, Evangelical, America-Loving men. LOL Rick, this was priceless. My son-in-law could definitely relate to this style of cooking.

Absolutely wonderful story. Full marks for inventiveness and great humour.
Congratulations on your EC. I'm so glad to see this very funny piece place.
Witty, creative, informative, funny,entertaining--well by now you must know that I truly loved this piece. Congrats on your win. Looking forward to next week's entry.