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OOh, i really liked the two different prespectives as seen through the eyes of the children. Makes those of us who 'have' really appreciate the loss for those who 'have not' Great story!
Aside from wondering who was who, I found this to be a heart-tugging depiction of what Christmas can do to hurting peaople. Nice story.
What a tender story about the miracle of love and forgiveness. I found it easy to follow who was talking. I like how Judy smiled when the other little girl handed her a bulb with her name, and how she hung the bulb next to her foster sisters. A very sweet, well written story.
I, too, got a little confused as to who was speaking. It was going back and forth, and then Judy spoke two times in a row.

I really like the format, though. The two perspectives is really good. And the thoughts of both girls seem very real.

Nice job with the topic.
It could use a little work, but it's well-written anyway. Nice job on this one! I enjoyed it. :)