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What rich and vivid descriptions you have here! I absolutely love it! Just to follow this journey all the way back, and the ending, though sad, was good. It fit this piece, the tone and all. ^_^
You had me tiptoeing right behind these lovely ladies. Amazing how you packed nearly 90 years in to 750 words and never made it feel jumpy.
Wonderfully done - the atmosphere and tone and voice of this are wonderful, and your descriptions were especially rich. Marvelous.
This is full of so much wonderful description "With the windows rolled down, her memories flowed like sand trickling through a childs playful hands" is one of my favourite phrases in the piece. All of it is wonderfully woven together.
Beautiful descriptions. This piece has a great voice, and an equally impressive ending. Well done.
I fell in love with your two ladies. This piece touched my heart deeply. Very well done my FW friend.
Excellent with the sensory details--the smells and sights of the chapel--you really put your reader there in the moment. Beautiful.
This is a wonderfully written piece. Well-done!
You have mastered the art of detail and description. No kidding, this is a great piece!
"Someone brought their best."
I think it was you. I hope this places!!!
The visual descriptions, the emotions, and the voice all made this a wonderful piece.
This piece is rich with emotion and feeling, a vivid journey, one that makes the reader pause and reflect, just as these two ladies reflected on past regrets during their long postponed journey. Beautifully written!
Your writing is just beautiful and very descriptive. The very first line captivated me, then the line about sand through a child's fingers, and finally, this phrase, "...concrete slabs so stained from time, they held their secrets.
I was really drawn into the environment with your descriptions. Here's one of my favorites:

From a distance came the sound of a trains forlorn whistle, intruding into this world of silence.

I think that is a good example of giving extra sensory information, that while not vital to the story, still plays an important part in helping the reader picture (and hear) what is going on.

Great job with this one!
I love your descriptive form in this piece. You awakened all my senses. Well done!
I want to know the rest of the story!

Very well done, I was there every step of the way.

Your descriptions really drew me into this story and you had me right there, involved.
This was tender, well-written and definitely enjoyable to read.
Beautifully written, very sensory. And so perfectly believable that, of all the things the mother-in-law might have regretted, she simply said, "I regret that we didn't name them." That hit me as so very poignant and true. Thank you for this lovely story.