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A very creative approach and well done.
A unique presentation style with a twist in the story. I like it!
I like how you went from judgements to disbelief to semi-interest and then acceptance.
I love this - Daddy's little princess.A somewhat unique approach. Thanks for sharing.
So totally different and enjoyable. You were a princess all the time without knowing it. Well done.
Wow, what a great article and way to present it. Thanks.
Layers of creativity here. Favorite line: "Sarah, which means princess." Great treatment of the topic!
Loved your approach to the topic. Very creative and fun to read.
Very good! I liked the idea of the journal topics. Could this be a winner?
The message in your article is so good that I recommended it for someone to read, someone who I think really needs to discover she is a Princess, too. Your writing is already a blessing.
The attitude of the character seemed very realistic and believable. Good job!
I love the approach you've taken! Well done!
This was among my favorite entries this week. Great work. I love the change in the journaler as she gets to know "little Miss Happy" and comes to understand who her great Father really is. Awesome job.