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This gave me goosebumps! It is very special, the title hinted at something serious to come, but this experience was one I enjoyed from beginning to end. It is rich with detail and expressions of emotion and that little thing that makes a story 'real'. Excellent writing-I enjoyed this piece! It's a favorite of mine this week! ^_^
Wow--what a memorial. I hope and pray your story touches parents who have lost their children. Well done.
What a rich tale, and richly told. Your words are descriptive without being overdone and the emotions of the father so identifiable for any parent. Thank you so much.
This is incredibly moving - descriptive without too much; just enough emotion. Nice work.
I find this immensely moving, tender, very special. One of your best yet.
Wonderful read. The memorial was touching in every way. I would have liked to see some conversation in the piece but that is just my own preference. You wrote extremely well.
This touched my heart. You expressed the elderly gentleman's feelings well. I could see the special tree and feel his emotions.
Very nicely done.
I love the voice of this as well as the telling. I was touched, so glad you wrote this for us. Great title, too.
Beautiful job expressing the love of the father and his pain. I enjoyed the symbolism of letting the ground heal and being ready to to trampled again with the healing of hearts.
Lovely and sadly beautiful. It must have been a difficult daily reminder to the father, seeing the tree and remembering the pain of what his son decided to do. Awesome story.
This is so moving, so tender. I could easily have been moved to tears in a couple of places. A great read!
This seemed so real. What a lovely, tender story. A fine memorial. Well done.
What a touching story and I was brought to tears. Wonderful job!
Wow. What a story. I can't imagine what it must have been like to stand beneath that tree knowing that your son hung himself from its branches.

This story was masterfully written. I almost don't know what else to say, because the way you wrote it left me speechless. It was sad and beautiful at the same time.

Thank you so much for sharing. This is one of my favorites this week.
Truly and deeply touching. Thank you for sharing this, the old man's reverence for the trees, even the one, is described wonderfully.