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Ah---nice play on words with your title. From growing up on a farm I can remember all the night time emergencies that required Mr. Farmer to head to the barn. You describe these situations very well. I really like your paragraph that starts off with “Sunday…it took me till Thursday to realize Who you were referring to in this, and I like it. I love the comfort and beauty of these lines, “By Friday, it culminates in a perfect storm, transforming everything in its path, with nothing untouched. The silence on Saturday is deafening. Then Sunday, the Son rises and returns, all is calm and I will never be the same again.” Nice work on this.
I think I'm in a season of barnstorming myself, I want the calm after the storm, renewed and reconciled. I feel there is more here that needs to be told, get after it and let us have it.

Your brick made the topic apparent, thanks.
Your ending was unexpected for me- but I'm blown away. (no pun intended) That was pretty amazing how you turned the storm into an allegory about Jesus. I think I'd like to see more writing like those last two paragraphs. Impressive stuff.
A very different slant on the topic. Yes, I think the actions of Jesus on the cross spoke very loudly. Well done Emily. I loved this.
This is certainly a different twist on the topic! I liked it. The descriptions were really good and the ending, I liked when it tied in with the title. I thought it had been a typo, but by the time I got to the end, it made sense. Great job and nice word...barnstorming. lol. ^_^