The Official Writing Challenge
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Am I keeping company with spies, as well as writers?
Who's going to help me catch my head and get it back on my shoulders?
You're right. This addiction takes hold quickly and forcefully.
Hey - I resemble that remark! ;)
(though I AM one with "thousands of posts")

This was a fun read - I'm sure MANY will relate to this.
Ooooh! This is too funny. I have to ask did you know that the challenge is so addictive? ^_^ I chuckled all the way through this once I figured out the setting. There was one typo with "You're" and a few places where I think the dialouge got tagged onto the thoughts of your MC, otherwise, this was a hilarious and well done read! ^_^
Hilarious! You're keeping company with a great group of people, that's for sure.
Ah, good. I'm the comments link is working this time. I loved this entry! It's just too funny (and too true!) Great job.
Oh dear, now the truth comes out! We DO have web cams in our computers and we weren't even aware of it. You have captured the topic just perfectly with this one. Well done Bob... I'm still chuckling.