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Your story illustrates how our shared faith can bless our lives, even into the future. Good writing and story line.
Your writing is great and procession of thought as expressed in the actions and dialogue of your characters spot on as to scripture. I think though it is important to note that it was only after the day of Pentecost when believers received "power from on high" that Peter became truly bold and a changed man.
I think this story could be SO helpful to folks who are shy about their faith. It's almost an instruction manual, but with a wonderful story to take you through. Much to learn here, in a delightful story.
Right on, Mandy! People are so afraid to "offend" in this time of political correctness, and it's only going to get worse. Unfortunately, most people won't give you that opportunity like Mandy's friend did. I've had it happen only once. It came in an e-mail from Russia. Like your story, this woman, three years later, became a Christian. (I believe God did that in response to Mandy's fear, making the first one easy, to encourage her.) However, you can move a discussion into the spiritual realm, yourself, by asking, "Do you have any spiritual beliefs?" Just sit back and listen. It's amazing what you hear. That also gives you an opening to share, as well, if and when you feel comfortable, with a casual feel to it. Bless you for this story with an evangelistic feel. It's well written and it's SO encouraging!