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Love the snake reference thoughts throughout (though the last one, I think, lessens the impact slightly) - and what a lesson as well! Great dialog and storytelling.
I love the title! Great writing. The characters are realistic with normal, friendly dialog.
Wonderful lesson here. It's way too easy to say something even slightly derogatory about a spouse without realizing it. Good reminder. I like the easy conversational tone of this piece. Very well done.
I was tapping my foot here. I never have liked the husband-bashing parties. We're to lift each other up before Christ and others. I loved the snake sneaking in and out of the story. Good job.
What a wonderful story. Your character was so 'bold' and brave to put a stop to something so wrong. And I loved the verse you picked. Very nicely done. Bravo!
With such realistic dialog and a subject matter so close-to-home for many, this story really connects with the average reader. I really enjoyed it.
You tackled this with humor and grace. Excellent example of godly behavior and excellent writing as well.
This is what everybody fears when trying to turn a conversation around! I liked the snake... It kept me reading but I was expecting a real reptile!
The snake imagery was inspired! Took a piece of chick-lit and really elevated it beyond the usual. Great touch.
As a husband, I'll raise my lemonade and drink to that! : ) Nice job!
This is a subject that is very near and dear to my heart. My husband and I have led around 12 "Homes of Honor" classes. Men need to feel honored and bashing them is not the way! You go be bold, girl. Great subject.

I had to read the first paragraph a couple of times to get everything/everyone straight. I was confused at first about the snake. But that was probably just me. I got everything straightened out quickly and then it flowed woderfully and was GREAT.

Great writing. Bravo!