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This has to be the saddest piece I've read so far. I can feel the pain in the daughter's heart as if it were my own. Awesomely written ^_^
This so sad story is wonderfully written. It fits all the categories of a winner.
My dad never knew that he wasn't home when we finally had to admit him to a nursing home — but we went through the guilt process anyway even without any recriminations from him. I can't imagine how hard the situation described here would be — truly sad. Well done.
I just came back today from visiting my Dad in his "home". His experience at the Nursing home hasn't been good. He still tries to smile, and let me know he loves me, but I long to see him the way he was, and to visit him at his own home. Very sad story because I know your pain so well.
This is "sad personified"! Not long ago I wrote a similar version in "My Last Visit", which will tell you I know exactly how you feel! This is indeed a heartbreaker Big Time, but Very well done...and I was with you all the way through to the end; been there too...
The images tugged me, especially the one about rice,which makes me think you share my ethnic background. You show the fear, you show the tragedy. Sad, good images.
This is a very good fit for the topic and quite well written. I could easily feel the sadness--yours and your dad's.
How tradically beautiful. Yours words speak for so many. May they comfort those who need to read this.

Truly beautiful.
This is such a sad story, repeated over and over again by hundreds of caring children. I so well remember the last "empty" days of my dad, the dad who had been so active all his life, reduced to wringing hands and a bewildered face, a dad who read his Bible daily and constantly, but yet couldn't remember his name. I am so sad for this daughter who had to bear the bad news to her beloved dad....So well told! So touching to the emotions.