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First, I thought the Title was a spelling error; 'bailing out'! So much for my "thinking" attributes, right? Brilliant idea, brilliant performance, and yes! Could be a great comedy on stage...and all for the Glory of God! After all, it IS exactly what did happen!! Thought this entry very creative and I loved the Bible story revisited through a modern type era. Good Job!
Great title, innovate contemporization through the use of altar-cams, a wicked sense of humour and lots of blood and gore. Sounds to be like a good recipe for a teens audience. Not an uplifting piece but then it is taken from one of the Bibles least politically correct narratives.
I did feel however that your final piece of dialogue was weak, leaving the reader confused as to what was meant to be happening with the tape. Missed the chance for one final chuckle.
Creative, clever take on this story. You really brought the characters to life with the dialogue.
I love the altar cams! I think teens would like this retelling of a familiar Bible story. Creative!
Cute and fun - you really are quite good with this writing form, Allison. Enjoyed the touch of humor.
This will probably be hilarious when it is acted out. Teens should love this.
Clever Title! Yes, I can see the enthusiasm of teens and young adults acting this out...Not only is it a clever title, it is a clever skit...Great job...Sounds like Elijah is one of your favourite Bible characters, too. He is one of mine....Helen