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Delightful and fun! Great writing!
How wonderful! A sequel to "The Wizard of Oz!" Her adventures are starting all over again...poor thing, will she ever get home? Well, she seems to be up for another exciting time.

The style and readability of this would seem to be for fairly advanced readers. Appropriate, especially for anyone who reads the originals by L. Frank Baum. But if you have a younger audience in mind, it may need to be simplified a bit.

Poor Dorothy...poor Auntie Em!
This was quite an adventure. It was a cross between Alice in Wonderland and the Wizard of Oz. It had a dream-like quality. What a fun story for a child! You totally surprised me with Dorothy and Toto at the end!! Thanks!
I love "The Wizard of Oz" and wondered if the "bubble" held Dorothy and Toto...and here I was thinking they'd made it safely back to Kansas! Imaginative story.
Just delightful in every way, David. Wonderful descriptions, and you had me anxious to find out where you were going with this from beginning to end! Loved this!
A blend of "The Bluebird of Happiness" and "Oz", now what child wouldn't love to read of such adventures!
Wow. Children love fantasies and this was certainly a fantasy! The two had a quite an adventure and so did the reader.
What an adventure. I really like your descriptions and teh way you keep the reader moving along it keeps one's attention. Nice job. I can see this with colorful illustrations. After reading this though I think I need a nap,I'm worn out with so much activity in one day,lol. God bless your writing,this is so good.Janice