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Intriguing depiction of Sarai's perspective. The setting changes felt a little abrupt; you might try using *** between sections or something like that. Seeing her musings and prayers really established her fears and worry well.
Very well told from Sarai's point of view.
Very good. I've often wondered about what Sarai must have thought not the first time it happened, but the second! Ya think Abraham would learn his lesson the first time...

Keep up the great work!
Great POV and elaboration on this story.

I think it might benefit from some addtional details of sight and sound; as it is, it takes place entirely in Sarai's thoughts.

What a horrible ordeal that must have been for her!
I love reading the "inside story" so, even though I am not keen on fictionalized accounts of Biblical events, I did like the way you handled this. You made Sarai's thoughts very real for the context, where women had little choice except to be the "Obedient Wife." Good job!
This definitely felt authentic to the time and character of Sarah. I agree taking it out of her head may have made this a bit more engaging. Great perspective.
This was so cleverly written. I wouldn't have thought of doing it this way so you're way ahead of me! Very good job of writing!
Good writing! I loved the way you made her come alive with her thoughts! It flowed nicely and made the story even more understandable. The only thing I might change is the ending as it was abit abrupt but not sure how to fix it:) Otherwise - nice!
Excellent job bringing this story to life!
I enjoyed the freshness of this story...great job!
Thank you for bringing this to life for me. We just had this lesson a few weeks ago. Well done.
As others have said, the behind-the-scenes from Sarai's perspective makes for a wonderful story. Good job.