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Very good article. I assume this to be a true article about a true character. If not, it is very well written anyway.
Excellent article on a very interesting subject! This could definately be made longer - I'm curious about her now! :)
How true this is: "Much of this neglect is due to the fact that the vast majority of the participants in these conflicts, as well as the historians who recorded it, were men." It also goes for nations too - they write their history the way they see it, not necessarily the way it was. This was well done — I appreciated the insight into this woman's life. Good work.
Fascinating woman who I feel privileged to have gotten to know through this wonderful writing. I agree - would love to read more (and if this is who I think it is, I might be in luck! hehe).
It seems a few of us wrote about the part women played in the Civil War! this was a well written article with interesting facts and I loved that she as "mysteriously" release from her penalty!
Fascinating!! :) I have heard about women who served as nurses during the Civil War, but I have not heard much about them being spies. Thank you for bringing this lesser-known contribution of females during this conflict to our attention! Is there a book you could recommend about women's participation in the Civil War?
I was really intrigued with this! :)
You have definitely piqued my interest in Miss Emiline(love her name). I am looking forward to reading more about this brave woman. At least she gave hoop skirts a valid reason for existing. This is good stuff for a movie script!
Sorry! I mean Emeline...(she probably would not appreciate having her name spelled wrong).
Very interesting handling of this. I hope you place with it! Kudos!
Very interesting and well written (but what else would I expect from you). Great job ... thanks for sharing this.
Thank you for bringing the contribution of women in war time to the forefront. This was a very interesting article, and one that I was not familiar with. Well done.
Wow! A history lesson that not only included a woman but a Christian one at that? Well done, I found this to very readable.
Michael, thank you for sharing this story! I am so pleased you joined in for the history I need to say, it is well crafted? Of course it is!!
This was very well done and totally interesting!
Written on a level and a manner I would expect to see in a good magizine that focuses on history and biographies of people that made a difference in the growth of our nation. Great, educational and entertaining read.