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The interweaving of two scenes is creative and worked well for your piece. I have to admit to feelling a little let down when I read the words "part fiction" immediately after the story ended. Your paragraph about what was true was great. I wonder if a matching paragraph about the imagined parts would have been more effective. Just my opinion. I like your representation of Eric Liddell and the lessons gleaned from his story.
I love the parallel of the run and the talk - excellent! Your writing is very rich. I DO like how you "phrased" your author's note - I did something similar with my story this week and I struggled with how to put it (I like what you came up with better!). Wonderful writing!
This was a good story. But, somehow, I had a hard time following. At first, I thought the racing part was showing his approach to the podium. But I guess it was an actual race later in time. Didn't quite get that part, but the writing was very good. Maybe I will read it again later and see if it clears for me.
It seems we have too few good role models today - your re-viving this event and Eric's conviction is a much needed genre in writing.
Great writing here! I like how the title weaves in just right with the story. Very good how you switched back and forth between the two storylines. Thanks for sharing such a great piece, this is definitely inspiring! ^_^
I absolutely LOVED this story. The movie was a favorite and I was glad for your illustration of it. I had no idea about the ending; what a fitting end to an athletic hero.