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This was absolutely...I haven't got the right words! I loved it, it touched me the core, it's written beautifully, and I hope it's not true in a way, the part about your Dad dying; or perhaps it's fiction - but it's still beautifully done. I loved it. Great Job!!!
This was so good! Touching and sweet, too. Great story, great message.
Absolutely wonderful! One of my favorites this week. You took a familiar set-up--the dying, unsaved parent--and made it fresh and original.
Beautiful story. The way you presented the gospel within the FISHING topic was masterful. The intro was a lil confusing and there was a slight pov switch early in one sentence, but past that, which can be fixed easily, this is awesome. Excellent job friend. I don't think you're done moving up yet. God bless.
Effortless writing for sure! Beautifully crafted, enjoyable to read - truly God-breathed message! Blessings, Jo
I was a little confused about the setting at first. Wish you could have developed more of the background. But the essence of the story was wonderful. I love the way you sprinkled humor into the life-and-death conversation.
Very moving ... absolutely beautiful. Interestingly enough, my mind kept switching the middle two letters in "carp" -- which is very fitting. I really enjoyed reading this.