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I was delighted by this story--the descriptions, dialogue, and humor! My favorite description: the "palm trees waved playful fingers..."

I loved hearing about the "I preach on the bread" and the "Coca glue"!

Interesting title too--it grabbed me right away. Good job!
Great story. :)

I loved that your husband took the time to help translate the menu correctly and your comment about sticking on him like glue was a perfect ending.
I'm a huge fan of word play, and this really appealed to me. I like the way you tied in the theme at the end, too.

I heard somewhere that the phonetic translation of "Pepsi Cola" in Mandarin means "Bite the wax tadpole."
Good flow! And a really good read. I enjoyed this immensely! (maybe because I love words too - in any language.)
What a cute story. I loved it!
A very enjoyable and believable story. As enjoyable as a brief vacation. Thanks for sharing it.
What a neat story! I liked the disclaimer on the bottom. I don't like Coke anyway, but I'll have to remember Coca Glue next time anyone in my family is having it. Pretty funny, especially when the waiter 'suggests' Coca Cola because it is the only drink they had in stock.
I laughed out loud at Coca Glue. So funny! Well done, and thank you for brightening my day.
Isn't language wonderful?

This was a great read...enjoyable...flowed well. Good writing!
This was a very enjoyable read and certainly not a typical “hero” story. The title was perfect and the ending was really cute!
LOL! The title was very fitting, I loved how things were sorted out in the end, good descriptions in the beginning, I could feel like I was right there, watching the entire scene happen. Good job!

Thanks for commenting on "Mistaken War Hero"