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Awww, sweet ending. Good job!
The last sentence really made the whole piece for me.

Did you mean "breathe" instead of "breath?"

Loved these characters, you were able to give them distinct personalities in very few words. Awesome.
Now that hinting's open, Amy noticed a POV shift, too (I'd changed from 1st person and didn't catch them all lol). Yup -should have been breathe - sigh
Wow! What an account of God at work as the Great Physician!

Really good dialogue, emotion and characterization.

Great stuff!
I was confused at the beginning. The opening dialog read more like a mother and child, not a husband and wif conversing. But that's just me and I haven't had any experience in those conversations.
Other than that, great job.
What a great story of the Great Physician! I also agree that the conversation at the top felt like a kid and his mom, but it didn't take away from the wonderful message of this story.
I don't usually leave this many comments on my entries -but sinc e more than one person mentioned it - I had the beginning conversation that way on purpose. Partly to try to have a little "twist" at the end, but also most men are big kids when it comes to going to the Dr ;)
Very nice. Thanks.
And I agree...getting 'us husbands' to the doctor can be like pulling teeth!
Miracles still occur, don't they? I like the tone of this piece. It sounds typically like a husband might react. Good work!