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How precious! One MOST of us will be able to relate too! (and lived through) ;)

I loved the irony and wit through-out this very well-written piece. Great job!
Great job. Fav line: "Old Dog-Faced Dawson immediately lost her status as Mans Best Friend and won my Teacher of the Year award."
This is a story that brings back memories. I loved your description of Dog Faced Dawson barking orders. Thanks for sharing this very personal story about a teacher.
Your last line is perfect!
Words fail me...almost. I really, really liked this piece. Why? Because it's so honest and revealing. You told it like it was and I think your Ms. Dawson must have been a lovely person and a great teacher.Incidentally, some dog's faces are adorable!
It was nice to learn that "dog-faced" Dawson had the heart of a good teacher. Delightful and entertaining read!
You evoke the place and time extremely well. I particularly liked the little almost incidental bits of information that showed the human side of the teacher, but which your character was missing. Good writing, indeed.
WOW! A thoroughly enjoyable story. It was like traveling back in a time capsule. You think you've outgrown those feelings of fear and of shame....but a talented author can transport you right back there. Thanks for the memories!
Delightful. This piece shows how kids often misjudge a teacher with a good heart. Very nicely done.
A wonderful story and I smiled throughout. How great that you learned what she was really like. Thanks for sharing this.
This came across as SO genuine and real and wonderful - and I just LOVED the final line! Your emotions are so real here - great job!
I was voted the shyest kid in sixth grade. I felt for this sweet little girl. Every word was well thought out. The emotions swept back to my childhood and a younger sister, who did indeed have a medical problem. It made me realize what life must have been like for her. Bless you!
Oh, I like this. I felt so sorry for this little girl, but was so relieved at the teacher's response. Your style and descriptions held my attention throughout.
I really, really enjoyed this story. I hope it does well. I really llike the title and the story held my interest and compassion all the way thru.
God, bless.
This is such a precious story. Who can't relate, remembering a teacher who was supposed to be the terror of the school, only to find out she had a heart after all? You kept me reading. Your description was such that I could almost picture Mrs. Dawson. Great job! Congrats on the EC and level placing. Well-deserved!