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Non-native English? Are you having us on? 'My pen begins to bleed with new meaning' - love that. Good writing.
If Helen hadn't said it, I would have — non-native English speaker? If you are this good in English, you must be a marvel in your first language. Congratulations.
Loved it!
Wow! What a delight!
Thanks for the kind words everyone. Warm my heart!

But believe me: I really am a non-native speaker of English!

In my introduction at the message board, I mentioned that I am a 100 % Filipino from the Philippines.

I studied English in College that's why the "non-native English thing" in my article sound unbelievable, perhaps.

Again, thanks for the compliments. To God be the glory!
This is great...written beautifully! What I like best is that it is short, sweet and to the point.

By "short", I mean that I have a short attention span, and something like this is right down my alley. The "other" article you asked for in the Message Board, was much longer, and I didn't finish it...sorry; but THIS ONE is a gem!