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All I can say is........Wow! That was amazing! I have chills now after reading that. :)
Wonderfully done.
Well written! I liked the descriptions and I loved the basis for the story! Well done!
Definitely well written. I liked the vivid descriptions. Good job.
This is a good opening chapter for a longer story. The details are good. As a reader, I want to know the accident. I also want to be there for his triumphant first ride and his mother's rejoicing (or maybe she didn't recognize the gift?). I felt like this was the teaser they put on the back cover of a novel. Well done, I want more.
This reads like an allegory, and a very good one at that!
I enjoyed reading this and it was definitely well written. I'm not very knowledgable about prosthetics, so forgive me if I'm wrong, but half an hour to put them on seemed rather long. And if it did take that long, where was the mother he called out to? Other than that though, this was really good and creative.
Wow! This was excellent! I loved the words you used to tell this story - absolutely LOVED it!
ps. I think a different title would draw more readers to this excellent piece.
OH Wow!! this was amazing -amazing descriptions. WOW!
Superb! It's all been said above, but you definitely gave me chills! Well done.
Wonderful wonderful WONDERFUL. Such beautiful description and sense of place. This choked me up.
I love the ending line most of all. Ancient of Days, one of my most favorite names. This was a great read.
Very beautiful piece.