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This is a very satisfying read! The author manages to tell a complete story within the confines of the article length limits. The story moves appropriately, well-balanced from beginning to end. If I knew who you were, I would like to read more of your writing!
Some gentle, self-deprecating humor here, and an apt lesson. Good job.
This was a great article, full of substance, an important reminder to be aware of what's important in life. Well written. I'm glad you won a place.
>>I was on break from my ego, my pride, my self-sufficiency. And it hurt.<<

Great reflection! It made me think about how often I wish for a break when all I'm really saying is, "hey, notice me over here doing all the work!"

Well written and entertaining. Congratulations! ~Gwynn
Although your situation certainly wasn't funny to you, I'm sure, you kept a humorous perspective throughout the article, right up to the last line! The story flows smoothly, with short, easy-to-read sentences. I like the way you leave us to read between the lines about those who came to your rescue at home and at work. Obviously they felt blessed to serve. Those of us who are always the "doers" have a hard time letting others have that blessing. Sometimes God has to teach us the hard way :)