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Written with wit, in a realistic voice. Good job! To avoid confusing the reader, consider writing the section between "Wrong!" and "Wrong again!" in past tense, to show more vividly your change. I like your style!
I'm SO glad that this is one of the first columns that I came across that I have NOT commented on. As usual, I will make my comments before reading any of the others. Then I will go back and read the other comments just to see if they agree with me.

So many times I've wished for freedom.

Financial Freedom, Personal Freedom stc. But I've found that no matter HOW much freedom I've been granted, There's still a hole that needs filled.

I FINALLY figured out what that hole was.

You see, true freedom comes from knowing God.

Many people try to fill the hole with sex - drugs - alcohol - money - shopping - whatever...

But the hole can only be filled one way.

We were created with a permanent hole because whether or not we want to admit it, we're not MEANT for this planet.

We're meant to go HOME where we belong.

At THAT point...The hole will be filled.